Best Online Service Business Resources 2023

Let me show you around these amazing online business resources that you can use to level up your online service business for success!

The main categories are small business resources, business mindset, business books, and business courses. You can click to head to each one using the menu above. 

Many of theses business resources are vital component in my inner work as an online service business and kept me sane when it felt like everything was going wrong.

Some links below are affiliate links. I receive a commission (at no additional cost to you) when you purchase through these links. I will never list a product or program I haven't used or found value in!

Online Service Business Mindset

This section will help you level up your mindset when it comes to business and your life while running one.

It can be a very messy time when you are first starting off  and anything that helps redirect, calm, and bring truth to your situation is always a blessing.

You have heard it before and I will say it again. Mindset is everything when it comes to business. 

Many people hear this, but spin out for years in their business thinking they just didn't find the secret to success. It's leveling up your mindset and taking action. That's 90% of what your business needs, while the rest can be learned and optimized. Brooke Castillo says it well “It's either Math or Drama!”

If you are struggling with your mindset, get help now before the months, years, and opportunities pass you by. Below are a list of books and mentors I use in my mindset arsenal to combat the struggle bus that business ownership is.

Having and growing a business is a beautiful, fun, and accelerating, but the life can be sucked out of it when your mindset is out of whack. You cannot ignore your issues, they don't go away, you have to work through them.  Ok that ends my Ted Talk. 

Atomic Habits

“If you're having trouble changing your habits, the problem isn't you. The problem is your system.”

Habits are the  building blocks of success and we must learn how to create good habits to have the desired success.

Atomic Habits  helps you build a system to change and keep changing until you reach your goals.

The Greatest Salesman in the World

“I will greet this day with Love in My Heart”

I passed by the book for years and finally dove in and loved every word!

I am currently doing the 30 day challenge; grab your book and join me!

11 beautiful principals to help you become the greatest salesman or saleswoman.

Battlefield of The Mind

“Don't ever give up, because little by little you are changing. The more you change your mind for the better, the more you life will change for the better”

Everyday you are in a spirtual war with yourself.

Your Mind is the battlefield and you need protection, ammunition, and strategies to fight off your patient and enduring Enemy.

This book gives you the strategies and systems to win most of your battles!

The War of Art

“Resisitance is always lying and always full of sh*t”

This was a recommended book from a good friend when I first decided I wanted to start my own business.

It's like notes to self that you keep on your desk to read over and over again when you need to fight your own negativity.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

“Stop blaming me, thinking I'm the problem. If you think I'm the problem, then you have to change me. If you realize that you're the problem, then you can change yourself, learn something and grow wiser. Most people want everyone else in the world to change themselves. Let me tell you, it's easier to change yourself than everyone else.”

You will be in complete shock after you read this book. Your whole life and mindset will be flipped upside down.

So many of us have poor Dad's and need to be taught the principels of true riches in this world. This book open up new world to explore and go after.

Breaking The Habit of Being YourSelf

“Always in order to change, we have to come to new understanding of self and the world so that we can embrace new knowledge and have new experiences”

You do not have to creating the past over and over again in your life and business.

Your Mind can be powerfully used to change your life if you choose to get your thoughts and feelings under control.

The only thing stopping you from the life and business  you want is you!

The 10 X Rule

“I suggest that you become obsessed about the things you want; otherwise, you are going to spend a lifetime being obsessed with making up excuses as to why you didn't get the life you wanted.”

The 10x rule is a true booty burner. Do not read if you don't like a lot of honesty or have sensitive feelings. 

The 10x rule teaches you the principle of applying Massive Action to your life and Business so you can 10x your results. 

Think & Grow Rich

“The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.”

This book will kindle the fire within so you can stop being small and start persuing your desires.

It all starts with your thoughts about yourself, others, and your capabilities.

Grow You Mindset Coaching

Grow You is an amazing and very affordable Self-Coaching program that taught me that my thoughts create feelings, actions, and results.

Working on this both in my business and personal life took years, but it really created ownership in my results instead of blaming my circumstances.

I felt so powerless when it felt like everything (and everyone)  was against me and my desire to start a business (way before it got popular).

This concept is so empowering for your mental and emotional well-being.I recommend a year in the program, but 3 months is an awesome way to understand the concept.

Everyone should learn the habits in the 10+ courses she provides in the membership. One of my favorite habits can be listened to below.


The Alchemist

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

This short and sagacious read is about following your dreams, reading the signs life shows you, and taking opportunities presented to you all within a fable of a young boys life journey.

A motivating read that you can't put down and should be read once a year to prime your dreams!



The Bible

“Many people think The Bible is a religious book, but it's actually a practical book full of principles you need to apply to your life & business” – Myron Golden

Biblical Principles are used by the most successful people in our world today, without any religious grounding.

Read it and prune the wisdom from the pages and apply it to your business and life.

Make More Offers Challenge

This Business challenge by Myron Golden will light your will, your booty, and your mindset on fire all for your success.

Myron Golden is a Business legend who instead of just showing tactics and strategies mentors through principles from life, philosophy, science, and the Bible.

His teachings will blow your mind as they are very counter-cultural and counter-religious, which sounds like an oxymoron.You will have to listen to him to even understand it.

Check out the Youtube video above and then check out his challenge in the link below. Spend days with him, and learn the secret of upleveling your business by 128%.

Best Online Service Business Books

The Business Books section features my absolute favorite books that are the backbone of my business strategies and know how.

These books make everything feel possible, give you really good advice and thought provoking insights that are like talking over coffee with your favorite Guru.

 I always recommend buying the books and courses of your favorite people even if they are not in your industry just because you can get some backend insight on their greatness.

Dotcom Secrets

If you are new to Sales Funnels for your online service, you must read this entire  Secrets book Trilogy!

Inside the book, Russell breaks everything down into 28 incredible Secrets…

These are the SAME funnel-building principles and strategies he used to take ClickFunnels from zero to a near $1 Billion valuation in just 5 years.

You can get your free copy just like I did using the image below.

Expert Secrets

Inside book 2 of the series, Russell shares his secrets on the art of finding your voice, and creating a message that will connect with your audience, so you can convert more visitors into buyers, and help the people you’re called to serve…

These are the same scripts and strategies that Russell uses (and that I use) inside each of his funnels and presentations

Traffic Secrets

No matter what platform you use to drive traffic, including…Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts and others.

Russell shares the same strategies he used to take Clickfunnels from zero to over $100,000,000 in revenue in just 3 years.

And you get the same traffic formulas, scripts, and blueprints he shares with his Inner Circle, ClickFunnels Collective students, and Two Comma Club members (1 million with funnels).

Profit First

Profit is not an event. It's a habit.”

Profit First is the book I followed when I first started making money with my business and it has saved me from distruction. 

Many of the principles are just like budgeting your personal finances except at a much bigger and impactful level!

Building A Story Brand

When we empathize with our customers’ dilemma, we create a bond of trust. People trust those who understand them, and they trust brands that understand them too.”

The principles of this book not only created my website design, but also is a guide to  how I interact with my audience

The key understanding is that you are the guide to your audience and they are the hero. Your are Yoda and they are Luke Skywalker.

4 Hour Work Week

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’ You won’t believe what you can accomplish by attempting the impossible with the courage to repeatedly fail better.”

This is the very first book I read that lit the fire of entreprenuership in me. 

It's about being smarter instead of doing more and taking the lead instead of letting life lead you.

The E-myth Revisted

“If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business—you have a job. And it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic!”

This book is the backbone of  my current business and it's helped me grow and stretch my mindset as an entreprenuers. 

This is the book to help Technical doers become Builders, Creators, and Systematic so they can build a business that works. 


12 Week Year

“Intentionality is your secret weapon in your war on mediocrity.”

Can you imagine only 12 weeks being a year in your business? That means you can accomplish in one year what you use to accomplish in 4. 

This book teaches you how to make your visions,  intentionality, and planning to entirely new level so that your business can thrive. 

Online Service Business Resources

This Online Business Resources section is for everything that doesn't fall under the Online Business tech stack.

These are the online business resources you may not think about, forget to grab, or don't even know you need. I got you though, go ahead and get your business right!


Bank Novo

Bank Novo Business Banking. This is the best business banking out here hands down!

I have never had a single issue, I love the website, the app, no fees, and all the integrations and features it supports. (Stripe, Apple Pay, Wave)

My favorite part is it sets you up for so much business success with the business Reserves that you can use to implement Profit First like a True Boss!

I had a really hard time getting a business bank account because of all the legal hoops, but this had me handling my money with ease from day 1 of making over $1000 a month.

If you use the link below you will get $40 added to your bank account when you sign up. You're Welcome!

Ipostal Virtual MailBox

This will take care of the business address you need for starting your LLC, Business bank account, the bottom of each email you send to your list, and on the Whois list for your Domain without using your real home address.


Postable is my favorite way to send Clients encouragement, thank you, and anything else to make there day. I also use it for Birthdays and Holidays for family and friends. Use  my coupon code MRZDCT2VTV to get $5 off $20! 🙂

Waze Accounting

This is modern online business Bookkeeping. Connect Waze to your online bank and let it work its magic a Tax time. Then add your accountant as a member and feel like a total boss.


Stop wasting your precious braincells and time remembering passwords. Use this free password manager and make your Business life 10x's easier.


Use Fiverr for All your One off Business needs. If you don't have time leave it to someone on Fivrr, if you don't know how to do it, someone on Fivrr does. This platform will teach you the skill of delegation, which is needed for you to level up.

Use for longterm freelance needs at a budget price. This is amazing way to to bring in an multi-talented VA into your business without having to find a different freelancer for every need.

Best Online Service Business Courses

The business courses section are a list of all the courses I took over the years and gives you a little more insight  if you are thinking about better understanding a platform, software, or problem in your business.

The biggest issue with online courses are they don't push implementation which makes you feel like they don't work, when in reality you didn't do the work.

There is work based on the strategy they give you and work based on the experience and knowledge you have about your business.

A course can't give you a million dollars, but your actions can. 

Visionary Foundations Playbook

Creating a vision for your Service business and a strong foundation for it to stand on is a huge step to success and commitment in your business.

Planning and writing down your goals. Knowing the numbers you need to meet. Getting a birds-eye-view and a deep understanding of how your business runs is priceless.

That's why I created this playbook which is the 5.0 of The PrepBook. It's jam-packed with business resources you will need as you build your dream business as well as a complete Asana template layout to build your online business with ease.

Magentic Paths Blueprint

Building up strategic and magnetic business platforms is key in bringing in ideal and hungry clients who need your products and services.

Setting everything up as parts of the whole system creates a business that runs like clockwork and keeps you steadily growing.

The Magnetic Paths Blueprint is a gigantic template pack for your website, funnels, social platforms, sales system, and business management system.

So you can attract and lead clients through your system with ease. Plus have a plan and results for every step they take.

M.E.V.S Marketing System

Marketing is hard work. But it's the key step in bringing visibility to your business. So you might as well set up to serve you and your visitors.

The M.E.V.S Marketing System focuses on 4 key marketing platforms in your business and the ideal way to get your message and content out to your ideal clients on each one.

It nixes the role of Content Creator and brings in the new role of Messaging Perfector. That means you can stop the burnout, while keeping the streams of traffic coming in.

Set Up strategic and purposeful messaging with minimum effort & maximum impact, (make every message count towards the big picture) so you look like a knowledgeable expert and earn like one too!

Online Business For Her

This was my first expensive business course and it kicked me into seeing my business as my baby that needed to be taken care of no matter the cost.

This gave me a unique understanding of business and so much insight into business language that I could not understand or get before taking the course.

Her Who What How method helped me forge my way into backend  business strategy instead of business vanity ( as you can see I still tried vanity with my Instagram courses haha).

This exact course is no longer available for sale but has been turned into a program that has rave reviews.

Boss Gram Academy (BGA)

Excellent Instagram Course for Beginners who really want to understand an overall strategy in using instagram for business

Some great tips from the course:

  • Create a strategy for each every option Instagram gives you to optimize your reach
  • You must be willing to change and uplevel your strategy every few months
  • Use other platforms to build up your audience and nurture them on Instagram. 


Dubsado in a Day

My favorite and only Dubsado course is by, Nesha Woolery, called Dubsado in A Day.

Some Great Tips from the course:

  • Do a thorough review of all the options you have in Dubsado so can see everything that is available to you.
  • Write out your full workflow and templates before you start it to save time and frustration
  • Use videos with your clients to welcome them and introduce them to forms or even to the client portal.

Instagram Business Academy (IBA)

Excellent Instagram Course for Intermediate or Advanced Client Based businessed. 

Some great tips from the course:

  • A content strategy is key to success 
  • Connect with your competitors and Like-minded businesses on Instagram,don't chase after clients 
  • The goal of Instagram is to build a community 

Learn the 5 steps to create a signature business system with your online service or expert skills so you can set up your growth & results.

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